Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron 

Blue Apron

Recently I decided to try out two different meal delivery services. First I tried out Hello Fresh then Blue Apron. Both services are pretty similar as far as packaging, delivery, and they both have apps that allow you to skip a week and change meals. 


As far as pricing goes with Hello Fresh I paid $80/week for 4 meals for 2 people, with Blue Apron I paid $60/week for 3 meals for 2 people. The portion sizes were good for both services and are enough for two adults. Now if your going to do a family plan which I plan on switching to since I have a household of 4 here’s where pricing jumps. With Hello Fresh the family plan is $105/week for 3 meals for 4 people. With Blue Apron a family plan is $107/week for 3 meals or $144/week for 4 meals for 4 people. 


What I liked about Hello Fresh that was different than Blue Apron was all ingredients were in one bag whereas with Blue Apron your “knick knacks” which is your seasonings are in a small package together but everything else is separate. This isn’t a big deal but as far as convenience is concerned with Hello Fresh everything you need for each recipe is in a bag together so your not digging around gathering ingredients. 


As far as recipes goes both come with recipe cards that are simple and easy to follow. I like the setup of the Hello Fresh Recipie cards better because I’m a visual person and they had larger pictures with text underneath. Again not a major difference and simply a matter of preference. The meals themselves were both excellent but I like the choices Hello Fresh offered better. 

All in all they are both really great meal delivery services and they only had subtle differences that are simply a matter of preference. I highly recommend trying at least two meal delivery services out to see which you like and going from there. They all have some kind of coupon code or free boxes you can get sent to you by someone who already uses their service. 

Hello Fresh

So try it out for yourself! It’s a fun way to bring family and friends around the table for a delicious meal. 

Happy Cooking! 

Krystal Hinton 

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