Brow Muse: Microblading Review! 

Recently a lot of people have been asking me about my experience getting my eyebrows microbladed so I’m going to share. I absolutely love my eyebrows since getting them microbladed and highly recommend Brow Muse! Mila from Brow Muse is very professional and super friendly! 

What is Microblading? 

Microblading is semi permanent makeup. It lasts on average 1-3 years and you get a touch up or “boost” every 6-12 months. There are two options for Microblading 3D or HD. I chose the 3D because I wanted a bold defined brow due to the fact that I had very thin brows with little shape to them. I used to draw my brows on everyday which was so time consuming. Now I have one less step getting ready in the morning which is a win!


When you go in for your procedure you’ll meet with Mila and she will go over every detail of the procedure from beginning to end. Mila is so sweet and very skilled at what she does. She will ask you what your goals are and work with you to create the perfect brows that fit your face. 

Once you have decided on a shape Mila will draw it on with pencil and then let you look at your brows to make adjustments if necessary. For me she came up with the perfect brows so no adjustments were necessary and I trust her judgement. 

Finally she will apply numbing cream which you sit with on for 30 minutes. After the numbing cream has set she starts Microblading. It took about 45 mins and I had almost no pain at all. My brows were just a little sore after the procedure but it wasn’t anything major. And now I have perfect brows that I love so no complaints here! 


The full healing process is about 4-8 weeks on average. During this time period your brows will scab and peel. They will also become lighter. Don’t be alarmed lol they will look a little funky for a bit but for me after 2 weeks they were perfect. 


Brow Muse has recently expanded and now has two locations. I went to the Boston location which is located on Boylston St. It’s easy to get to driving and by public transportation. If you drive in there is metered parking as well as various parking garages in the area. You may have to circle the block to find parking but it beats paying $20/$30 for Boston parking. With that being said I suggest giving yourself an extra 15/20 mins to find parking. Every time I’ve gone though I was able to find a spot right out front.

Boston Studio

551 Boylston St., 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02116

NYC Studio
635 Madison Ave., 4th Floor, New York


call/text: 617-942-1412 

If your in Boston or New York make sure you see Mila for all your Brow needs! 

Krystal Hinton 

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