Sistawigs: Wig Review! 

Recently I’ve been wearing wigs as a protective style. Over the past year I have dyed my hair probably 10 different colors no exaggeration LOL. I love to do fun things with my hair but inevitably it has caused some damage. So I’m trying to give my hair a break until I figure out what to do next. Here are a few pictures of my many colors. 


I randomly stumbled upon They sell wigs, bundles and a few other items but I’ve only purchased a wig thus far. I found a super cute wig that is a black and teal bob. Since I bought it everyone has been asking me about it so I’m gonna give you all the details here! Apparently the particular wig I bought is pretty popular and by a well know brand Bobbi Boss. I had no clue because like I said earlier I usually just dye and rock my natural. I’m new to the wig game lol. 

So here are the details: 

  • Premium Synthetic Wig
  • Lace front Swiss lace 
  • Style MLF136 Yara 
  • Color TT1B/DTEAL 
  • Safe heat styling 
  • 5″ Deep part 

I love this wig! The color is amazing, the hair is soft and so far I haven’t had any tangling or shedding! I defiantly plan on buying more Bobbi Boss wigs. It was reasonably priced as well at $50.99 but I believe right now it’s on sale for $45. 

The wig is parted down the middle however I have a big forehead so on my second day wearing it I shifted the wig so it was more of a side part. Now it’s big forehead friendly lol. It has the adjustable straps on the inside but it was perfect when I put it on so I didn’t need to use them. The part is very natural looking as well which is always a plus. If you want you can add some foundation to the part to match your skin tone but again I thought it was perfect and left it as is. 

I will be buying a few more Bobbi Boss wigs so if you want to see more reviews like this be sure to like and leave a comment below! 

Krystal Hinton 

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