Trendy Wigs and Uniwig Review!!!


Ok so as you all know I have been exploring the wig life & have been loving it! I bought 2 new wigs that I’m going to review today. The first is the lavender synthetic lace front wig by Trendy Wigs. 

I love, love, love this wig! I have received so many compliments on this wig & the color looks fabulous with my skin tone! Let’s get into the details! This is a synthetic lace front wig. This wig came with 2 wig caps, 2 packs of bobiepins, and a wig brush all for the amazing price of $67.49. The wig was originally $89.99 however I had a coupon code for 25% off (ig25 if your interested) 😉. 

I was super impressed with the quality of this wig! I’m new to the wig life so it’s a surprise every time I order a new wig lol 🤣. Anyways as soon as I took the wig out the box it was super silky 🙌🏾. It has long flowing curls and it doesn’t have a part so you can flip it however you want which I love. It is a synthetic wig so there is some tangling but not much compared to other wigs I’ve worn. I used a wide tooth comb to get the tangles out which seemed to work fine. I wore this wig for about 4/5 days before it started to tangle. It has a super natural hair line but does require a little wig glue to sit flat. 

For wig glue I actually used a gel. I ran through a bunch of YouTube videos and everyone swears by Got2b Glued so that’s what I used. It worked out nicely for me. I applied it just below my hairline so that it didn’t pull on my hair when removing the wig. Also I need to note if your going to use Got2b glued make sure you get the black bottle. 


Now the 2nd wig I purchase was the Butterfly synthetic lace front wig in Angel Dust from Uniwigs. This my friends was not one of my favorite wigs. The color is amazing but that was about it. It tangled very easily and was a mess after just 2 days 😫🤦🏽‍♀️☹️. It didn’t come with much either just 1 wig cap. This is a synthetic lace front wig as well but the quality wasn’t great. It was very thin compared to my Trendy wig which was very full. The price for this wig was $59.93. I had a coupon code for this wig as well (code sfs) I got 40% off. Great price just not a great wig. That’s all for now loves! Hope you liked my review and remember to like, share, and follow my blog  for more fun reviews and such 😘

Krystal Hinton 

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