Overtone Review!!! 

I love to color my hair funky colors but after countless bleaches and dye jobs it got fried. I still wanted to keep my fun colors but I wanted to limit the damage as much as possible. A fellow funky colored hair lover suggested I try Overtone. I figured why not 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve already tried everything else and at least it would make for a good product review 😉. 

What is Overtone?

Overtone is a vegan color depositing conditioner that is pigmented. It washes out after you stop conditioning with it. The great thing about it is the funky colors (obviously 😆) but it’s not harsh or harmful to your hair because it doesn’t contain peroxide, ammonia, or heavy alcohol. Yay to healthy hair color!!! You just condition with it when you wash your hair to maintain the color. 

The Process

 I decided to go with the complete system in Extreme Teal which includes the deep treatment and two daily conditioners. Not sure why they give you two daily conditioners but one is full size and the other is a mini so possibly they give you the mini for a strand test. Next time I will just buy the deep treatment because I wash my hair weekly not daily so I don’t really have a use for the daily conditioner.

I still had some faded color in my hair from my previous dye job so I didn’t know how well the Overtone would work on my hair. Prior to using Overtone I watched a few other people use it on YouTube and the results weren’t great so I was a bit nervous. 

The Results

I washed my hair like normal and then used the deep treatment for my conditioner. I left it in for about a half hour then rinsed it out, used a regular leave in conditioner and styled. This was the result.

I’m very happy with my results! I didn’t know how well the color would take if at all and it came out great! I ordered the extreme teal which came out more of a deep blue but I like it so no complaints here. The complete system cost $47.00 with shipping it comes to $54.69. If you want to try it out yourself here’s the link Overtone .  Happy Hair Coloring! If you enjoyed this review remember to like, share, and comment below. 

Krystal Hinton 

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