Orangetheory Fitness Review!!!

This post is past due but it’s here it’s here! Finally! Sorry it took me so long but ya girl has been under the weather so the struggle has been real in these streets! But let’s get right to it!

Recently I signed up for Orangetheory Fitness. I had heard good things about it but I was still a bit skeptical. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a hardcore spin (indoor cycling) fanatic so I wasn’t sure Orangetheory would be for me. I was looking for something to supplement my spin workouts, a little extra boost if you will. Since they give you a free trial and let you decide if it’s for you before you commit to a membership I decided to give it a go.

The Trial

I signed up for the Elite package which is 8 classes a month for $109. The studio I signed up for is brand new and they had a trial period as I mentioned previously so I had about 2 weeks to try 3 free classes before I had to decide to keep or cancel my membership. I really liked the fact that I got to try the classes before making a decision.

They definitely know what they’re doing at Orangetheory because I was hooked after my first class. They use heart rate monitors to track your progress and there are TV monitors so you can see for yourself how your doing. During the trial period you get to try out all 3 heart rate monitors to decide which one you like best. Yes, unfortunately the heart rate monitors are an additional cost. I wasn’t crazy about that fact but at the end of the day I’m a fitness fanatic and I want to be able to view my progress so I sucked it up and bought it.

There are 3 different heart rate monitors a wrist band, an arm band and a chest strap. I chose the arm band. I have small wrists so the arm band was a better fit for me. According to the Orangetheory crew they all work the same it’s just a matter of preference. I did overhear one of them saying the chest strap gives them the most issues as far as tracking on the monitor so I wouldn’t suggest that one 🤐. The armband was $100 but they had a deal for $20 off if you purchased before the grand opening. And no other heart rate monitors aren’t compatible with their system so you have to buy theirs if you want to see your progress on the TV monitors.

The Workout
Class is an hour workout with a coach guiding you the entire time. The class is split up into 2 groups. Half the class starts out on the treadmills for 30 minutes and the other half of the class on the water rowers/weight floor for 30 minutes then you switch. All the while you can watch your progress so you know when you need to work harder or slow it down. Your progress is based on 5 heart rate zones and the goal is to be in the orange and red zones for 12 minutes or more, that’s where you burn the most calories. At the end of your workout they email you your performance summary for the class.

The Verdict
I’m loving Orangetheory! It’s a great workout, the coaches are awesome, and every workout is different so you never get bored. It’s a bit pricey but if you can swing it I say go for it. If you happen to be in the Saugus, MA area check out Orangetheory and take a class with Dina or Jen. They are my favorites 😉.

Krystal Hinton

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