Galaxy Collection-Fenty Beauty! 

So I was super excited about Fenty Beauty’s Galaxy Collection that hit stores October 13th. But when I actually got to Sephora and got to check it out the excitement faded rather quickly 😕.  You guys it has taken me forever to write this blog post because I literally LOVE all things Rihanna! But I hate the Galaxy Collection 😫!

Ok that being said the packaging is soooo cute! But the products themselves are super glittery which I hate. I’m just not a glitter girl. If you are then I’m sure you will LOVE this line but it just didn’t suite my taste which is ok. There are plenty of other items from Fenty Beauty I LOVE.

Let’s get into it! There is the cosmic gloss and starlit hyper-glitz lipstick both at $19. The gloss is very sheer so if you do get it I would suggest pairing it with the matching lipstick if you are like me and prefer a bolder lip. The packaging is super cute with pretty colors but like I said I prefer a bolder lip so not my favorite.

Then there’s the Galaxy Eyeshadow Pallet. Again super glittery. I think there are a lot of great colors in the pallet itself but just not my taste. I live in Massachusetts so around this time of year I’m looking for fall/earthy colors to add to my makeup collection so this was a miss for me. Again love the packaging and the pallet has a nice sized mirror which is always a plus.

There were also two eyeliners in the collection but personally I feel like they were pretty basic so not much to review there. There is however a Stunna Lip Paint coming out 11/23 which is a bold red! So I’m super excited for that to come out!

Do you like the Galaxy Collection? What are your thoughts? Let me know with a comment below!

Krystal Hinton

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