The Fiyabomb Factory!!!

This weekend my boyfriend and I got to meet the lovely and talented Olivia Nguyen better known as Fiyabomb. I have been following her artwork on Instagram for about 2/3 years now maybe longer I’ve lost count lol. As soon as I heard she was opening her gallery I immediately made plans to see it for my birthday. I live in Massachusetts and her Factory is in Connecticut so we set out on a weekend getaway with The Fiyabomb Factory as our first stop.

The Fiyabomb Factory Experience

As soon as we arrived we were warmly greeted with hugs and a tour by Fiyabomb herself. Like I said earlier I’m a huge fan so I had previously explained to Jerel I was most likely going to have many fangirl moments throughout the day (I don’t think I was too bad 🤣). Our paint stations were set up perfectly in the middle of the gallery. We toured the gallery which is even more amazing than it is in pictures. There is just something about seeing your favorite art & artist in person! It was Epic 😍. Olivia even took the time out to go into detail about each and every piece we had questions about or wanted to know the story behind.

Couples Private Paint Party Once we were finished with our tour we sat down to paint. We did 21 questions paint style where she asked us questions about each other/our relationship and you have to paint your answers. It was such a cute concept and we had so much fun doing it. We learned a lot about each other and our relationship because some of the questions were things we hadn’t asked one another not for any particular reason it just hadn’t come up. There were even some things we were on the same page about that left me pleasantly surprised 💖. At the end you show each other your paintings. There’s no peaking before you’re finished although I could see through Jerel’s canvas so I snuck a few peeks lol 🤣.

I won’t show you our painting because they weren’t pretty lol at least my painting wasn’t. Jerel draws so he had an unfair advantage. His was much better than mine. If your in the Connecticut area even if your not I highly recommend checking out The Fiyabomb Factory. You won’t be disappointed.

The Fiyabomb Factory

15 West Main St

Plantsville, CT 06479 Instagram: fiyab0mb

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